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Idea fire has set itself the task of creating new, meaningful, affordable and forward thinking solutions and products. We are currently working on products that address both 1st and 3rd world problems

Alternative Power

Lithium is boring....lets move on......

Partner Products

No one can be the best at everything!
Amongst our own products we actively search and invest in innovative and creative products from around the world to offer under our brand.


The is no "I" in team....but you might find "me".


Co-Founder CEO

Allan is the spark that ignited the Idea Fire. He merely has to see an ember of an idea and he can already visualise the inferno it could be if someone were to just blow on it. A powerhouse of business knowledge; Allan has over 35 years of experience in the IT sector at CEO and Director level.


Co-Founder Technology Specialist

With experience ranging from military communications through to delivering software and hardware solutions; Davids range of knowledge and experience equips him with the ability to provide an effective solution to any given problem.


Sometimes its not enough to say "What if". In most cases its better to say "Look what I have made".

Idea Fire create amazing products that deal with actual problems. We don't just add a megapixel here and remove headphone jacks for fun, we genuinely look at the world and say "that really Pisses me off" and try to do something about it.

In the coming months Idea Fire have 2 fantastic products to Launch and whilst we aren't ready to talk about them just yet, we are sure you will love them because they are going to make a difference.

We have also partnered with other creatives who are working on some great products and will see some of those appear on our Amazon platform within Q4 of 2016.

Selling products and making a difference isn't our only goal, Idea Fire want to help other creatives from the garden shed tinkerer to the university graduate. If you have an idea, a spark, an ember or a whole bonfire we are here to help you to market.

Idea Fire was set up by exactly the type of creative minds we intend to support, always seeing solutions where others only see problems.

So thats who are you?


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